Friday, 24 October 2008

The worst bar in the world

We were comparing notes on Bangkok vs. Chiang Mai and agreed that Chiang Mai is so much nicer as there is much more to do in and around the city. The rafting yesterday was fantastic - we all got very wet during the exciting ride. Today we will use our car to go to a national park for some more jungle trekking. RO left for Bali this morning, BI is back to Bangkok so there are only 3 of us left here in Chiang Mai.
After the rafting yesterday we made our way to the local sauna House Of Male. MA is a real sauna man and he disappeared as soon as we arrived re-appearing two hours and fifteen minutes later with a huge smile on his face. RO and BI had their fun together and WI and I just stayed at the pool as we both don't like sauna sex - we actually like to talk to our men first. After the sauna we had a massage at Classic House. They have gorgeous masseurs and mine was just fantastic and his activities included some that are not normally expected when having a massage.
The bar scene in Chiang Mai is very disappointing. There are two rows of gay bars where the minimum age is 21 (fine with me) but the maximum age for locals seems to be 21 as well. (not fine with me). All the boys are too small and too young. I talked to the owner of one of the bars (a cute guy maybe 40 years old who kept on saying he is old and ugly) and asked him where the more mature guys are. He directed us to Spicy which turned out to be easily the worst bar I have ever been to. The smell was almost unbearable (WI said it reminded him of the smell in a zoo), the place was full with the lowest class female hookers and men who were just wrong, and I was glad to leave after two drinks.
If Chiang Mai added a DJStation and a G.O.D. there would not be a reason to go back to Bangkok anymore.


Anonymous said...

"and his activities included some that are not normally expected when having a massage"
Really? Was he fully clothed?

W said...

Did you go to the bars by the night market? That place is better for drinks, no pushy boys