Sunday, 26 October 2008

Humid Bali

Hello from humid and hot Bali where MA, GI and I arrived last night after a long flight from Chiang Mai via Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia. Our flight from Chiang Mai to KL was delayed so we had to run at KL Airport to make the connection.
The last day in Chiang Mai was nice: we drove to the Doi Inthanon National park where we did a short trek around the Mae Klang waterfall. Unfortunately it was raining and the drive took longer than expected so we didn't make it all the way to the summit of Thailand's highest mountain. Next time!
In the evening we had another massage and were ready to retire early after a quick drink in the bars when we met TR. WI's local friend Sak (pronounce "Suck") from two nights before was in the bar and he introduced us to his friend TR which whom he had just returned from a two-day gambling trip to Myanmar. TR turned out to be very witty, funny and nice, fluent in English and we were all having a great time with him and Sak. They convinced us to join them to Mandalay disco. This is what a website has to say:
"Just inside the old-city limits, this hangar-sized space south of Thapae Gate is your entry into kitsch-tastic Thai nightlife. Bring a sense of humor to this contemporary warehouse space with its towering ceilings, limited seating, and a sound system with amplifiers that go to 11. Forget about striking up a conversation; the thunderous volume of the live music swallows everything but text messages. The house band cranks out an endless stream of cheesy covers while the rotating Thai vocalists try their hand at everything from Shakira to hip hop to power ballads. Be forewarned, foreigners must pay inflated cover charges, usually nearly triple what locals are charged. Take care in the restrooms, where overzealous attendants descend to massage your back and calves—and to flush your urinal. Awkward."
While the comment about the restrooms is correct, we found Mandalay to be an excellent place with good music, a nice crowd, many gays and no money-boys. We talked and danced until 5am at which time we were all sad to say good-bye to TR and Sak. MA and I had to wake up at 8am for our flight while WI spent Saturday in Chiang Mai before flying back to Amsterdam.
So not surprisingly I was very tired last night here in Bali. It didn't help that it is very hot and humid and the bars have insufficient air conditioning. I saw JA again, a very good-looking muscular guy I had met on my previous trip in March this year, and we had the following conversation:
JA: Hey, you came back to Bali? When did you arrive?
Me: Three hours ago.
JA: Welcome back. Where are you staying this time?
Me: Down the road in a villa.
JA: I see. I will drive you back later.
Me: Maybe not.
I will regret refusing the hottest guy in Bali for the next couple of years......hehe

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