Thursday, 23 October 2008

Thursday morning in Chiang Mai

I don't know why, but this holiday I am an early riser and I am ready most mornings before the rest of the gang have had enough sleep. We agreed to meet for breakfast at 945am, I was there at 930 and by 10 I had finished and the others are nowhere in sight. Gives me a chance to sit down behind a computer for a while. At 11 we will all be picked up for white water rafting which should be exciting after yesterday's downpour.
The road trip is fantastic so far! We went to a Bird park between Bangkok and Sukothai which was surprisingly good, we toured the monuments at Sukothai, the highlight was the trek we did in the Taksin Maharat National Park where we almost got lost and were back to the car just before total darkness. RO surprised us all that with this 108kgs he was the fastest climber uphill! Well, he is 7 years younger than I am so that must be the difference.
The last night in Bangkok I met a cute, tall Thai guy and we had some fun. The next morning he turned out to be a total drama queen so I quickly said goodbye to him - and was complimented by GI for doing so. And yesterday it was very quiet in the bars here in Chiang Mai (it was raining heavily all evening). RO had paid for a plane ticket for his Bangkok sweetie BI to fly to Chiang Mai, and BI brought a local friend who was very weird. When we left the bars around 3am, he asked me if he could sleep in my room as his house is far away and he is on a motorbike and it was still raining. I said "OK, sleep only" (yes, I know a bit naive), when he got to my room he wanted to suck me but I was so tired I said please no, let's sleep and he suddenly panicked, remembered a work appointment early in the morning and quickly left. So nice to sleep alone in the big bed. WI put a lot of effort in a very cute young man but in the end he didn't want to come, and MA already regretted his choice when we got back to the hotel - will be interesting to hear his night-time stories later. So you all see we are behaving very well.

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i do enjoy your entries... do keep it up..