Sunday, 19 October 2008

Feeling strange in Bangkok

I am in an Internet cafe in the heart of Patpong (having made my way through herdes of girls offering me massage and "sek") killing some time before dinner with the gang at 9pm. This "morning" I was the first to wake up at 2pm - I had been tired after a good meal at Vertigo, drinks at Balcony and dancing at DJ Station. I didn't meet anyone nice, and was not in the mood to pick up a random Thai money boy, so I slept alone.
Today was just as relaxing as the night before. The gang went to Babylon but I decided to stay at the (new) pool at the hotel with my book. I was supposed to meet CH but he cancelled which was fine with me. I only went out at 630pm for a massage which came with a rather good happy ending. I am feeling quite refreshed now - let's see what the night will bring. Anyway, can't stay out too late as tomorrow morning we will be renting our car and start driving North.

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