Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Consoled by a Singapore boy

I fell asleep before leaving Singapore airspace yesterday and woke up some 7 hours later above Afghanistan. RO had been telling us during the holiday that he watched Mamma Mia 4 times so I didn't feel bad seeing it for a 2nd time. And then, listening to the lyrics of SOS, not a little tear appeared, but a whole bucket (borrowing a word I had read earlier that night) left my eyes. One of the SQ boys must have seen me as he walked over and asked "Are you OK, Sir?" A few hours later while serving me breakfast he made sure my tray was neatly arranged and in the process gently touched my crotch. It was a memorable flight.
Fortunately, it was a sunny day in Amsterdam and I took a deep breath of fresh air when biking to work later. Is it me or is there more oxygen in the air in cooler climates?

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