Monday, 27 October 2008

A natural shower and Singapore muscle boys

I have never seen it so busy at Callego beach. The waves were fantastic and we spent a lot of the time in the water body-surfing. Around 5pm there was a heavy downpour and GI, MA and I enjoyed a natural shower while the rest of the gays were more worried about their make-up and stayed under the roof.
We keep on running into a group (8 of them) of very cute, muscular Chinese men. They were in the bar on Saturday night, we saw them in the restaurant on Sunday, and then again in Mixwell bar on Sunday night. They are very sticky-group, which means I didn't see them interact at all with either the Indonesians, the bulehs, nor with other Asian tourists. Finally yesterday while queuing for the toilet I got a chance to ask where they were from and I got a very curt answer: Singapore. I never saw them before so I wonder where they normally hang out in Singapore.
I am developing some serious shortage of sleep with all the partying we have been doing, combined with RO's organizational talents which means we are constantly doing something. In an hour we go to a famous, non hanky-panky massage, followed by a quick trip to the beach for a dive, a seafood dinner at Jimbaran bay, and more partying tonight.

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