Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I need help......

.....with the following problem:
1. 18 day trip;
2. need to bring suit, shirts, tie, business shoes for a few meetings with potential clients;
3. will be constantly on the road so little time for laundry;
4. most of the trip is leisure so need to bring vacation clothes;
5. need to bring sneakers for tennis game;
6. luggage needs to fit in car (together with 3 other guys and their luggage);
7. I am getting older and much less wild so I want to bring laptop computer and books for quiet evenings;
8. it is cold here so need warm clothes for trips to and from the airport in Amsterdam;
9. Air Asia limit is 15kg.

So the question is: how to pack?

P.S. Don't expect any gifts - I am sorry but no space in suitcase. I'll buy you a meal/drinks.


Colin said...

Buy another suitcase!
Have fun in Singapore!

El visitador\'s adventures said...

Wear your suit, tie, shirt, pants, shoes, etc. Once you arrived, have the hotel clean them up for you.

If possible, fedex the rest. LOL! No, I don't have fedex stock.

Forget about underwear. Wear the underwear of your "friends." Oh, if you are so forward thinking, you should have a spare set with them, right? :-)

Or, forget about bringing clothes. Just shop for them over there.

Or, upgrade to first class.

Or, don't take Air Asia. Doesn't your company allow you to use the private plane? I read on CNBC that the rich are still spending.

Have a great trip!

sgboy said...

get OS to sit on your suit case when closing it.....