Thursday, 30 October 2008

"All gays are paedophiles"

Our company is working with an American guy who is often visiting us. I knew that he is a rather conservative Republican, but yesterday I heard a story that showed that he is also a right-wing Christian nutcase.
One of my female colleagues had dinner with the guy a few weeks ago and she told me he drank a little bit too much that evening and started revealing his true personality: divorce is a "sin", abortion is "murder" and the icing on the cake: "all homosexuals are paedophiles".
My bosses are trying to do more business with the guy and are clearly unhappy with this story. As for myself, I am wondering if I can still shake hands with such an evil person next time he visits us. His ideas may be rather mainstream in the USA heartlands, but he should know that they are unwelcome here. Or perhaps I will just spill a large cup of hot coffee on his shirt and pants.

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El visitador\'s adventures said...

Just another closeted homosexual, like Larry Craig. I think most heterosexuals don't care a bit, whether American or worldwide (well, maybe except those in religious zealout areas).