Sunday, 1 June 2008

Way too feminine and perfectly masculine

We all have our different tastes and we should thanks the gods for that. Friday evening in the bars RO brought his friend AT for the second time. AT is quite cute, he is from South America and has lots of Indian blood, but he is a bit too feminine for my taste. RO told us that he is not allowed to see, let alone touch, his cock. He wears a string during sex and all RO is allowed to do is fuck him hard. Even RO was complaining about it.....
It was a good night out with everybody there, and I had a long conversation with RM playing wise uncle. RM is (too) desperately looking for a boyfriend and gets disappointed every time meeting men who want sex but not the rest of it. So I told him to enjoy life and one day, he will find someone trustworthy and sweet. He is only in his mid-20's so he has lots of time.
Yesterday had a long chat with EY who is so totally my type, masculine, cute, perfect clothes. We only met once but he is perfect in looks and behaviour. We both can not easily host so our next meeting must be arranged well in advance. I was happy to learn that he is also looking forward to it.


sgboy said...

according to jE a true bottom don't like their cock to be touched

happyamsguy said...

JE is strange. I will talk to him next time I am in Singapore.