Friday, 30 May 2008

Singapore Air Force finds Mas Selamat

After many weeks of well planned search and discovery missions, the Singapore Air Force has finally found Mas Selamat Kastari, the terrorist who managed to escape through a window of a toilet at the high-security detention centre where he was held. This picture of Mas Selamat and unidentified helpers was taken yesterday at Bukit Timah. Singapore ground troops will soon be send to the area, and the government is confident that the terrorist will be captured "within the next few months". Interior Minister Wong Kan Seng said: "We know from the pictures that the escapee and his friends are heavily armed. Still, we are confident that our well trained army will be able to make its way through the thick jungle of Bukit Timah, and will be successful in capturing the terrorist."


.: aGent X ::.. said...

Hey...don't make fun of my million-dollar-elite Minister ok! Like he said, "it was a mistake, time to move on" and that was a very expensive quote.

DK said...

Yeap, they seems heavily armed.

Haha. nice one.

sgboy said...

You had me for a moment!! Grrr