Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Picked up by a woman

It had been a while, but today I think I was cruised by a woman. I had left my bike in a repair shop last week and went there to get it back. The lady (around 35, a bit butch but in a nice way) was very friendly and she explained in great detail what they had done to my bike (ignoring the people who were waiting) and insisted I come back in a few weeks' time to have the spokes adjusted. I don't know why she likes me - might have been my suit or the fact that I have a nice bike. (in normal countries women go for guys with nice cars, here in the Netherlands a nice bike will do) Anyway, when I was about to leave she said "make sure you come back on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday - those are the days I work here".
Biking home tonight I had to think about the first time I was picked up by a girl. I must have been 14 and we had a school party. There was this girl MJ - I liked her but was confused about what I wanted. At the end of the party (which was at MJ's parents' house) most guys were kissing a girl; I sat down in a quiet corner and MJ came and sat next to me. The family had a cat and MJ took the cat on her lap and started talking to the cat: "I think happyamsguy is a very sweet guy, don't you agree?" etc., etc., all to the cat. She put an arm around me but didn't dare to proceed. And I was too confused to move at all. At least these days I know very well how to handle women!

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Colin said...

Yeeks.. you're turning dyke?