Friday, 2 May 2008

Queen's Day and other parties

We had 2 public holidays here and today was MA's birthday so I have been partying a lot. I only went out from 3pm until 7pm on Queen's Day so it was all very decent. The gang came out and RE joined in full leather gear as he was going to a dress-code leather party later. The weather forecast was bad but in the end it turned out to be a nice afternoon so we had our usual street dance at Amstel.
Yesterday was Ascension Day so another public holiday. More drinking and hanging out with the gang in Soho. RA from Groningen was in town, he kind of shocked me by telling me he is 51 years old, I would have guessed he is no older than 35. He is so my type so it is a pity he is happily married and he and his husband are monogamous. (I think)
And tonight there was a small party at MA's place. Again I talked with RA and also with two Thai guys from Houston (friends of friends) who are more Texan than Thai. As PA said: "They have become very American and talk too much". Actually, I didn't mind talking with them.


.: aGent X ::.. said...

Sounds like fun, and as usual, I'm always not around when good parties happen :)

devries said...

Oh and yeah.. have to find a way to get you my email address without sharing w/the world :)

devries said...

Orig comment lost :(

Happyamsguy! You don't know me but I've been reading you for a bit.

Would love some a'dam advice if you've got the time. Will be revisiting my favorite city in a week's time.

Dank u wel!

happyamsguy said...

Sure, what kind of advice do you need?

deveies said...

just the usual - where to go who to do what to see. :)

Last I visited your fair city was back when the euro was new and the (current) war in Iraq was only a twinkle in George W's left eye.

Had lots of fun at April during happy hour with that rotating bar. Looks like they are closed now though.