Monday, 26 May 2008

Even a frog may not be crucified

O my god, those Christians don't have a sense of humour: a sculpture of a crucified frog that went on show in a Bolzano (Italy) museum this weekend has sparked a backlash from local clerics and politicians who want the work removed. The metre-high work by late German artist Martin Kippenberger belongs to his Fred the Frog series and depicts a warty, pop-eyed amphibian nailed to a cross with a frothing mug of beer in one hand. "The crucified frog has shocked many visitors to the Museion and has hurt their religious feelings", local bishop Wilhelm Egger said. "Even if this was not the intention of the artist or the Museion, there is a law in place that says religious feelings should be respected. Today the symbols of Christian faith are often held in contempt, and an exhibition of works like this do not help to create peace between cultures and religions", he added.
I wish religious people would loosen up a little. After all, every religion is man-made.

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