Thursday, 22 May 2008

Small office irritants

I have been busier than ever at work - so many things going on and I am spending long hours in the office and working a little in the evenings and weekends. So my semi-retirement will have to wait even longer.
So it seems I will have to get used to small daily office irritants like these:
1. colleagues who don't give me a little time to settle in in the morning and approach me with questions the minute I arrive. I just want to switch on my computer, get myself a coffee and maybe go to the toilet, please give me 5 minutes, ok?
2. colleagues who don't keep a certain distance. Hey, we are just colleagues and we are not going to kiss, so why are you so close to me when we talk?
3. colleagues who don't flush the toilet after use. Gross.
4. colleagues who suddenly show up behind me and stare at my screen to see what I am doing. It is none of your business! (I have re-positioned my desk so this is no longer possible)
5. colleagues who tell long, uninteresting stories. Why do I have to suffer that they don't have any friends?

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