Friday, 6 June 2008

Going to Ireland

Tomorrow morning I will be flying from Rotterdam Airport to Donegal, Ireland. I am taking my mom, my stepfather and OS on a one-week fly-drive trip through Northern and Western Ireland. Earlier this year, when my mom and stepfather were visiting, they were quarrelling about the trip they wanted to take to Ireland. My mom wanted to join a group tour, but my stepfather refused saying "I am not going to sit on a stupid bus with old people". (he is 82, she is 78) My mom is afraid that she'd be left alone again in a foreign country if something would happen (my dad died while on holiday with my mom in Mexico in 1993), so I thought if I join them that problem will be solved. OS has had a difficult year so he deserves a trip as well, moreover he had an MRI scan this week and the doctors found something suspicious which means the entire medical circus will start again when we get back. This will not be the most exciting holiday I have ever had, but it will be good to spend time with the family.

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