Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Party afterthoughts

It was a nice party. Everyone we expected showed up - the first ones a few minutes before the official opening time at 5pm, and the last guests left around 2am. The caterer did a good job as the food was excellent - people had 2nd and 3rd plates later in the evening, CR was so nice to be our barman all evening, HE and CC took turns as DJ s mixing contemporary music with 70s and 80s hits and Dutch sing-along songs. We got many nice gifts: books, CDs, pieces of art, hard cash and so many bottles of champagne, wine and other spirits that we have enough stock for the next few years. Some of our straight friends (the cute ones, of course) had never had so much attention in their lifes, and the few fag hags that managed to get invited felt like in heaven. The quiet lounge upstairs got a steady stream of visitors throughout the evening (including me spending a few minutes of quality time with our cutest guest KN), but it was all very decent until the last two went upstairs - you know who you are. I was drunk but not too drunk. Only negative was GZ' bag that went missing - I sure hope that someone took it by mistake and it will show up soon.
The party hosts took a day off on Monday and we were busy cleaning and returning the music equipment, the glasses and other stuff to the owners. And we had lunch together and cleared the last beers after the work was done. Another nice day. I am blessed to have such friends as WI, HE and MA. And all the others who contributed in making it a nice party.

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