Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Getting high and saying goodbye

Around lunchtime today, I was suddenly feeling hyper-active, almost high. I even went outside to get some fresh air, and did not have a clue why I felt so excited. It was only late in the afternoon that I found out about the reason for my energy: I had been drinking the strongest coffee I have ever had. Normally, I am the first one to arrive in the office and I brew the coffee in the morning, but this morning my colleague TA arrived early and she made the coffee. I can tell you: it was strong, very, very, very strong. I hope I can sleep later tonight.....
Today was the last day that our secretary SU worked for us. She is amazing and by far the best secretary I have ever had: clever, intelligent, hard working, cheerful, pro-active, funny, simply the best. She will be going to New York to study business English for a few months, and as she is overqualified to be a secretary she will not return to our company. Saying goodbye to her, I felt a bit sad. Like sgboy wrote in a recent blog-entry, many people that we like to stay close to are moving away. Well, that's life. We found another student, MR, to be our secretary. She is from Sydney, Australia. Strange to hear a strong Ozzie accent in our office; we are working with lots of Brits and Americans but we don't often hear the Australian accent.

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