Friday, 6 June 2008

Singapore boys get new uniforms

From 30 June 2008, Singapore Airlines male cabin crew will take on a fresh look, wearing a new uniform, which will complement the legendary sarong kebaya worn by the airline’s female cabin crew. The new male cabin crew uniform is the creation of veteran French fashion designer Christophe Galibert, artistic Director of Balmain Uniformes. The fashion house was appointed for the redesign of the uniform in 2006.
Said Mr Galibert: “In designing this new look, our main aim was to retain the legendary elegance of the Singapore Airlines male cabin crew but at the same time make it more consistent with the iconic creation of Mr Pierre Balmain’s sarong kebaya. Our challenge was, therefore, to find a matching smartness and unique sophistication for the male crew uniform.” The new uniform comprises a single-breasted navy blue suit (jacket and trousers), sky blue shirt and striped tie. The tie colour differentiates the four ranks of crew.
This is the first time I hear about SQ male crew's "legendary elegance". Though I must admit that in the 1990's, I have known a few SQ guys up-close in Amsterdam, and more recently in Singapore my SQ-friend DE gave me many moments to remember.....
Anyway, don't you agree the new uniforms are a bit boring? The old light blue ones looked quite good on guys with a darker complexion.

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.: aGent X ::.. said...

Trust you to have a fashion sense ;-) but i agree with you on this one. Nothing special about a cheap looking suit, especially with 3 buttons..that is SO 2002....

Enjoy your hols! And see you next week.