Saturday, 28 June 2008

Not the best week

I just finished shopping for my birthday party tomorrow. My parents, siblings and their families and my cousin from Canada and his family will all be visiting and of course they expect to be fed. As usual, we will have a BBQ in the garden. RO was so disappointed that he wasn't invited that he made me promise to organize another BBQ for the gang in July or August.
Last week was not the best: the doctors have told OS that he may have another tumor (more research will have to be done) and understandably this news was not easy for him to digest. I am trying to support him which (at times) is difficult. Work is the same old sh!t - I was talking with WI in the bar last night who told me he had recently also been a bit down, and he recommended a "life coach" (an older lady) that he had a few sessions with that helped him a lot. I may just invest a few € and see her.....
The only positive news was that I received an SMS from TR. I had met him some 6 months ago via one of the gay dating sites. We had a nice first meeting, but when I messaged him for a follow-up get-together he didn't have time so I forgot about him. Suddenly he wanted to meet on Thursday but as JV was coming to the house for dinner I didn't have time. His message: "Not even time for a quickie?" So I left work half an hour early and the meeting with TR was quick, but very nice.

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sgboy said...

Oh dear sorry to hear about OS!