Sunday, 15 June 2008

Party time!

Today is the big day of MA, HE, WI and my party. We expect some 125 guests. WI and MA were busy with all the preperations last week, so it will be HE and my task to clean up tonight and tomorrow. I must do my best to not drink too much too early, as it is very unbecoming to be drunk at one's own party.
Last night I went to PA's 40th birthday party. PA is an expat from Ireland living in Amsterdam, towards the end of the month he, his boyfriend MR and their dog LU will move to Germany. LU is known for his frequent and very smelly farts - yesterday every so often people would move from one part of the room to another after LU left a smelly trail. I have only known PA, MR and LU for a short while, but they will be missed in Amsterdam.

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