Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Restaurant Het Tuynhuys, Amsterdam

I have been a bit of a lazy blogger which was caused by lots of work, lots of alcohol and a new activity. (more later) The weekend was for the lots of alcohol part, especially Friday evening which caused some inactivity on Saturday, and Sunday evening when I had dinner with GO, WI and KA at this restaurant. Once a year the more expensive restaurants in Amsterdam open their doors for people who want to eat well for not so much money. It is hugely popular and GO booked a table several weeks ago. The food was OK but nothing special, and because it was cheap we could afford to drink lots of wine. I vaguely remember French-kissing some guys in the bar later that evening, and I clearly remember taking a taxi home in the middle of the night. Good that work was so busy on Monday otherwise I would have fallen asleep behind my computer.

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