Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Amsterdam Gay pride pictures on Straits Times' forum!

So finally there is a sensible letter on gay rights in Singapore ("Gay teacher's outing a milestone in debate") and all these closeted gay bigots react to the article. One of them even comments "Perhaps this is Dr Goh's idea of coming out of the closet:" and links to pictures of the Amsterdam Gay Pride! Thanks, rufuswuffy! I am quite sure you got hard while looking at these pictures.


aGent X said...

Debate or otherwise....it's all talk!
At the end, the government always wins...read fridae.com on today's passing of the new law that okays oral and anal sex for heterosexuals but not for the homos...

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Singapore is so anal (pun intended) with regard to gay sex (we are not even talking relationships). Other Asian tiger countries seem to have move on.

DA in SF