Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Hello everybody I just want to show off! We learned the days of the week in Chinese today. (and many other things) Normally my classes are on 星期一, but as I was sick I changed to today. The teacher on 星期三 is even worse than the one on 星期一. Listening to the students' pronunciation was also interesting today, as there are so many nationalities in the class. But I find the classes a lot of fun and my Chinese friends will very soon be sick of me asking them "你 叫 什 么 名 字?", "你 是 哪 国 人?" and "对不起﹐现在几点了?".
My bosses are now dumping lots of shit on my plate so I am very busy. I left work at 6:15pm today and when I just checked e-mail at 11pm there were 14 e-mails from one of my bosses "can you make a contract for XYZ?", "is the budget for ABC ready?", "please check ZZZ with the lawyer", "don't forget to pay the bills to QWE but deduct the VAT that needs to go to ASD", etc., etc. I'll do what I can do but at the end of the day it is....well, the end of the day!

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