Sunday, 30 September 2007

Pear wine

I went to this conference on Friday where they served pear wine, which definitely is the most filthy drink I ever had. It was a conference about international development aid, full of what my boss calls "good-do-ers" for which in Dutch we have this untranslatable word "geitenwollensokkentypes" meaning softies from the 60's, ex-hippies. Still, the conference was nice as they had two comedians who had funny sketches about things that go wrong in development aid: "we watched all these documentaries about hungry people in Africa. So we thought we'd start a restaurant there. Nobody came!"
In the evening had a long talk with RO and MA. RO is a bit sad, he is in love with FA from Malaysia. In order to be able to stay here, FA has to learn Dutch, but he is very lazy and hardly making the effort. Now RO also told us FA refuses to have sex with him....He is still hoping FA will change and will become an active, educated man but MA and I told him people don't change and either he accepts FA's laziness or he'd better dump him. And refusing to have sex is not the best start when you are beginning a new life with a new partner in a new country... The funny part is that when I first knew FA I didn't like him at all, but now that I know him a bit better I have changed my opinion.
Yesterday we had a family dinner which was nice. Drove 400km in very bad weather so was tired when I got home and decided against going out.

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