Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Marriott Zamalek, Cairo

So it is 10:38pm on Wednesday evening and I am just back from dinner with my colleague AS. I have known her for 7 years and have met her in places around the world. Always nice to catch up and she always takes great pride in updating me on the progress made by her grandson in kindergarten. You know, I am one of those guys that older ladies feel comfortable with. Today we had a totally Kafkaeske meeting that is all too common in developing countries. The chairman of the meeting only showed up 2 and a half hours late, ignored everything that was discussed until then, and decided in 10 minutes how to go forward. Slowly I realize that I have had enough of third world countries, I used to like traveling to poor places that I found exciting but I think I have had an overdose and really prefer to be in the civilized world. So I am happy that AS's driver Mohammed will pick me up at midnight to drive me to the airport for a 3am departure to Amsterdam. Mohammed is one of the (very) few cute Egyptians I have seen so I am sad that all he will do to me is drive me to Cairo airport.......

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