Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ticul, Mexico

It is Wednesday afternoon 5pm and this sleepy Mexican town has just woken up from its siesta. And they really need a siesta here as it is very, very hot and humid. This town is our base to explore the temples of Uxmal tomorrow morning. Today we left Valladolid early to visit the temples of Chichen Itza which are impressive. After the temples we visited some caves with Maya relics (and very little oxygen once we got to the deepest area) and proceeded to the hotel where my dad passed away 14 years ago. The hotel looked very much like how my mom had described it. We explained the situation to the girl at the reception who didn´t hesitate to give us the key to the actual room where my father died. It was an emotional moment for my brother and me, and we called my mom from the hotel.
Mexico is a fun country with good food and very nice people. We have now left the touristy part of Yucatan and have been to very sleepy towns and villages with few facilities and no other tourists. Cancun has a nice beach and great blue ocean water, but is way too big, built-up and touristy for my liking. Compared to Cancun Phuket looks like a small sleepy fishing village!
Tomorrow after Uxmal we´ll proceed South to Campeche.

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