Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Perfect Secretary

So today all the girls in our office were on leave so the only ones there were my bosses and I, making me the most junior person around. And of course we had lots of visitors who all wanted something. It started with a foreign guest who wanted to change his flight so I thought easy - one call to the travel agent. And the travel agent says "sorry can't help you as we didn't issue the ticket - just call KLM" and KLM says "sorry we can't help you as the ticket was issued by United Airlines" and United Airlines says "sorry we can't help you as it is a paper ticket, you need to come to the ticketing desk and by the way, the only UA ticketing desk is at the airport and they are closing in 45 minutes" so I rush to the airport to get the ticket changed and the UA girl doesn't know how to do it and tries to send me to KLM but I make her change the ticket as I don't want her to escape and the ticket desk to be closed while I am queueing at KLM. Back to the office they ask me "please can you arrange take-out lunch for 5 persons?" so out I go again and get lunch. And the entire afternoon questions like "you know the telephone number for XYZ?", "where can I find paperclips?", "what is our customer number for DHL?" etc etc etc. To add insult to injury I should have paid my own salary today but the company doesn't have money on the accounts, well hopefully later this week that problem will be solved. At least my bosses thanked me for all the trouble when I left. Maybe tomorrow I will wear a nice skirt.


Anonymous said...

Now you know why it is called a "start-up?"

DA in SF

Colin said...

I think you will look REALLY hot in a black mini