Monday, 13 August 2007

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

So here I am around 2pm in a Cyber cafe in downtown SCDLC. A very neat town, very different from what I expected. Bigger and much more touristy; I would say this is the most touristy place in Mexico we have been after Cancun. The locals are not as friendly as in other parts of the country - quite typical for mountain people. It is only about 20C here and I regret not having taken a sweater or jacket with me. Tomorrow we will visit a nearby canyon and then head back to the Playas of the Caribbean coast, which is a two or maybe three day drive. So far the interaction in our little group was fine, but finally yesterday there was some tension between my brother and OS, hopefully they can both behave themselves for the remainder of the trip. My niece and I are definitely the easy-going people in our group......
O, so far I forgot to tell DA in SF that we are driving a Jeep very similar to the one we were driving in the USA. Very useful here as the roads are sometimes bad and the "topes" (speed breakers) are sometimes nerve wrecking.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like OS needs a cigarette break. I did not realize there were four people travelling together. Well, at least you are not all sleeping together, right?
Oh, the Jeep is waiting for your return here (it is ours now). I just realized it only has 21,000 miles, even after our 3,000 miles trip. Talk about a car previously owned by a little old lady, eh?

DA in SF

sgboy said...

I am with DA, I too thought was just your brother. I suggest you take me the next time, will not give you any drama will even go as far as sleep with your brother to keep him "happy" (by the way is he cute?)

This sound like a cuntastic trip so far. I am green with envy here!