Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sad sad Singapore government

And at the same time Amsterdam celebrates diversity (there was even a "Straight solidarity with gays" boat in the parade yesterday), Singapore takes a few steps back yet again.
Singapore authorities ban lecture on gay sex laws by Canadian professor
Following a widely publicised ban of a photographic exhibition depicting same-sex couples kissing, a scheduled lecture by a Canadian law professor on anti-gay laws has been banned by the authorities. Reason: "Our laws are an expression and reflection of the values of our society; the discourse over a domestic issue such as the laws that govern homosexuality in Singapore must be reserved for Singaporeans. Indeed there have been public forums where Singaporeans have debated and discussed the issue of homosexuality at length. Singapore's domestic politics is the domain for Singaporeans and foreigners should refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Singapore."
What nonsense. These are universal human rights. So every human being has the right if not the duty to voice his opinion.

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