Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Amsterdam Gay Pride Weekend

Coming up: Amsterdam Gay Pride Weekend. (always the first weekend of August) I remember 10 (?) years ago when they started with the Canal Parade it was a small event. Now, they have parties, cultural events, etc. for four days (Thursday - Sunday) and still the canal parade on Saturday. Today, the buzz started and I received SMS's, e-mails and calls from friends planning our get-togethers. MA called around 7pm today for pre-Gay pride drinks which I declined - I am afraid the four days will already be sufficient for my alcohol intake. On Friday the gang will watch a drag queen show at the Dutch party at Amstel, on Saturday all of us will have brunch at WI and GO's place before watching the parade from a small boat that WI has arranged. The weather forecast is perfect: sunny and 23C. Sunday the grand-mother of all Dutch gays, Willeke Alberti (picture below) will sing her gay-favourite song "Samen zijn" ("Being together") and everyone will sing to these lines:

Samen zijn
Is samen lachen, samen huilen
Leven door dichtbij elkaar te zijn
Samen zijn
Is sterker dan de sterkste storm
Gekleurder dan 't grauwe om je heen
Want samen zijn
Ja samen zijn
Dat wil toch iedereen

Being together
Is laughing together, crying together
Living by being close to each other
Being together
Is stronger than the strongest storm
More coloured than the greyness around you
Because being together
Yes, being together
Is what everybody wants

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aGent X said...

Gosh..i know that song, no thanks to the regular bar that I go to :-)