Monday, 18 August 2008

Simon - the movie

On Saturday RE and I watched "Simon", a Dutch movie about the unlikely friendship between a shy gay dentist Camiel (right on picture) and a very straight drugs dealer and ladies' man, Simon (left on picture). They meet when they are in their 20's, and become friends - probably because opposites attract. Simon likes to make fun of Camiel and Camiel is attracted to the joie de vivre of Simon and his many lady friends. One drunken night Camiel is seduced by Simon's girl of the week, and the friendship is brutally interrupted. Fast forward 14 years, and they meet again when Simon is suffering from an incurable cancer. Their friendship grows stronger and Camiel asks Simon to be his best man at his (gay) wedding. In the mean time, Simon is planning his death (euthanasia) and asks Camiel to take care of his teenage children. A beautiful movie about friendship, life and death.

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Colin said...

This was a very good film. Saw it at a filmfest back in Singapore and I had tears in my eyes at the ending. Amazing how the movie was not about death.. but about celebrating his life.