Sunday, 3 August 2008

Gay pride - relaxed fun

It is Sunday morning. Gay pride is not over yet, but later today I need to drive North for a family event so I will unfortunately miss the closing party.
On Friday was at Amstel around 8pm. Slowly, most of the gang showed up (and some other friends and acquaintances) and we shared the usual beers, and EL brought some weed too which he shared with the other addicts hehe. WI told me I was dancing in a wild and silly way so I must have been drunk. He also told me he had filmed me but fortunately that turned out to be a lie. We also met CO from Singapore and his partner ST who joined the partying (although CO looked as if he found us a very strange group of people). Around 1am I could not add one and one together anymore so I decided to go home. I collapsed into a coma the minute I hit the bed and when I woke up on Saturday I had a HUGE hangover. Bang, bang, bang in my head. Of course, I couldn't miss the parade so I forced myself into the shower. Just when I was done showering I had to throw up, so I had a second shower to clean up. The good thing about vomiting is that I normally feel much better afterwards, and it worked yesterday, too. All in all I made it to the little boat that WI and GO had arranged just in time at 1pm. We found a good spot close to the action and enjoyed the parade. This year, many politicians were in the parade such as the Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen (in light-coloured suit) and the Dutch Education and Culture Minister Ronald Plasterk. (with hat)
At the end of the parade we cruised along. The stars of our boat were RA who was dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh , and WI who wore underwear with an enormous dick printed on it. It was difficult to find a place to dock but finally around 7pm we could leave the boat. Some more partying followed but we were all knackered so one after the other left to get some rest. A great day, and I must say I am proud of the relaxed and friendly, mellow atmosphere.


Colin said...

Yeah you guys were a queer bunch! Nice to meet you all! :)

.: aGent X ::.. said...

Did Robert tell you that I bumped into him on Friday night....poor guy was left alone after you and MI left, but I was nice and had drinks with him for a while :D

happyamsguy said...

Colin, good having you and Steve here and hope to see you again soon. Enjoy Cologne!
Agent, I hope the "drinks" were nice! Robert didn't tell me. By the way, did I see you on the canal side during the parade?