Thursday, 14 August 2008

My annual bike trip

Tomorrow morning I will leave early for my annual bike trip with RE. This year the theme of the trip is: my childhood houses. I want to have a look at the three houses where I lived between birth and the age of 12. I was born in Almelo, a sleepy town in the province of Overijssel. Almelo was made famous by Dutch comedian Herman Finkers who wrote:
"Het licht springt op rood, het licht springt op groen
In Almelo is altijd wat te doen."
which can be translated as
"The (traffic) light turns red, the light turns green
There is always something happening in Almelo."
The next day we will go to Emmen where I spent my primary school years.
RE and I have done these bike trips for many, many years and it is one of the good traditions in my life. We are very similar in character as we both are easy-going, gay and happy (hehe), which makes it a pleasure to spend time with RE.

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