Monday, 11 August 2008

The Dark Knight

So you would think that if a movie is the nr. 2 or nr. 3 money-making film of all times that it is a very good movie, right? Well, you are wrong. I have seldom seen a more pretentious piece of amateur-psycho-analysis-cum-medioacre-acting as The Dark Knight. I had problems staying awake at times. Perhaps Heath Ledger's death was good marketing for the film, and ofcourse I respect "De mortuis nil nisi bonum" ("Of the dead [say] nothing but good" (Horace)) so I'll stop here.
After the film I went for drinks at Soho where we enjoyed some of the rare beams of sunlight this summer. And we finished the night on a high note in Restaurant New King which has the best oysters and shrimps in Amsterdam, and possibly the world.

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