Saturday, 19 July 2008

Swan Lake - Bolshoi Ballet

I had bought tickets to take my mom to Swan Lake, by the Bolshoi Theatre ballet. The famous Russian ballet troupe was in Amsterdam for the first time in 22 years and we decided to see Tchaikovski's Swan Lake. Unfortunately my mom called to inform me she had the flu so I had to find someone to replace her and to not let the (very expensive) ticket go to waste. RE was happy to take my mom's place and I must say the ballet was very, very nice. The technics of some of the dancers are just incredible, they seem to be able to float in the air. I was also looking at the faces of the dancers, some were visibly stressed while others were able to keep a smile on their faces throughout the performance. RE and I agreed that most of the dancers are not very cute - there is something non-attractive about (many) Russian men. After the ballet we went to Soho where we met MA and had too many beers in a too short time.

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