Sunday, 6 July 2008

No-smoking woes

Following the example of many other countries, the Netherlands introduced a ban on smoking in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc. last week. So this weekend was the first weekend that the air was pure inside the bars. As the weather was nice, our gang was outside on the street anyway so I didn't benefit much from the smoking ban yet. The entire gang had dinner at our favourite restaurant Dynasty to celebrate our successful party and they put us outside on the terrace so even there the smokers could still indulge. WI decided to quit smoking and the effect was that he was not his normal self (he was nervous and behaved strangely) and went home early. OS also is trying to smoke less (the doctors told him to quit smoking and drinking now), so far I haven't noticed he is making progress. Only smoking tobacco has been banned, and it was fun to see people smoke pure weed in the coffeeshops.
On a summer day like today I value the garden (actually, it is more like a terrace) behind the house so much. It is a little paradise with lots of flowers and plants, quiet and relaxing. I think I couldn't live in an apartment without a large outdoor area anymore.
Later today I will drive to the East of the country to visit my brother who is celebrating his birthday. And tomorrow I will be leaving on another business trip to Cairo. Weather forecast says it will be 38C there - yuck.

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