Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A big problem solved

I finally know what to ask for next Christmas: the Senz XL umbrella. Everybody who lives in a climate with much rain and wind will recognize the problem that umbrellas are not designed to keep you dry when there is a storm. However, due to its asymmetric design, the SENZ XL storm umbrella automatically finds the best position in the wind, making it comfortable and easy to use, even in strong gusts. The patented construction makes the umbrella windproof up to 70 MPH. Additionally, the umbrella will not invert. The specially shaped "eye savers" provides protection to dangerous tips and the aerodynamic shape of the umbrella gives the user an excellent view. The opening mechanism has been integrated into the handle, while the smooth oval shaft matches seamlessly with the umbrella's aerodynamic design.
In other news, I met DD for lunch today. He updated me on the other "old generation Singaporeans" who live in Amsterdam and who have retired from bar life. All are doing well and spend their time watching TV and going to bed early. Hehe.

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