Saturday, 13 September 2008

Why McCain will be the next president of the USA

Here are the reasons why I think that John McCain and his lipstick wearing toy-girl will be the next presidents of the US of A:
1. The US is fundamentally a very conservative country. There are some relatively liberal spots on the East and West coasts, but the majority of Americans are god-fearing, conservative, and narrow minded rednecks. See this excellent write-up.
2. Money rules the world. Big money interests are influencing politics all over the place, and certainly in the USA. Big businesses like McCain more than they like Obama, and they will make sure he will get elected.
3. There is some truth in the Republicans' claim that Obama is all show and no content. Furthermore, in his quest for votes Obama is moving to the right which makes him a less attractive candidate for truly liberal people who will stay home.
4. Karl Rove is still alive, and the Republicans will use his dirty tactics to make Obama a little blacker than he already is. With 99.99% certainty we will see Obama's reverend Wright ("God damn America") a few days before the elections in a TV commercial. Easy points for the Republicans. Or big business and the Pentagon are also capable of staging a small terrorist attack to make sure the hard line candidate wins.
Iran and Russia better start building those bomb shelters.........

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