Thursday, 5 March 2009

Slimming down

OK - it is time to slim down again. Last time I was really slim was in 1996 after TR, my American bf dumped me. I lost 12 kg in about 3 months and went from 94 kg to 82 kg. After I slimmed down, TR knocked on my door to have another chance but 1) he couldn't believe his eyes how much weight I'd lost; and 2) I didn't want him back. Ha!
Now last week I was 95 kg and I must be able to bring it down to 85 kg. (of course 82 would be nice but I am a bit older so let's try for 85 first, ok?) Ten days of exercising and watching my calorie intake got me to 94 kg today - so if I can keep this schedule and lose 1 kg during every 10 days, by mid-June I should be at 85 kg. Just in time for the Sitges trip. Watch this space!

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