Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Love is in the air

Spring has arrived and love is in the air:
1) RO is head over heels with his new found lover. We (as in: the gang) haven't met him yet, but RO can't talk about anything else. Apparently the object of his desire is attached to someone else so it is not an easy love. I have known RO for almost 10 years and this is the first time I have seen him like this. And this is the same RO that was indiscriminately fucking every slim Asian man that he could lay his hands on. ;-)
2) Sgboy writes that he is totally and completely in love. Good for him! And this is the same sgboy that was indiscriminately fucking every bald man that he could lay his hands on, and if he couldn't find a bald one a man with hair would do, too. ;-)
3) TO from Moscow visited Amsterdam for the 4th time in a year. I spent time with him on Friday and Saturday, but decided to keep a distance on Saturday evening and Sunday as I am afraid he is developing "feelings". He is handsome and nice, but I will never fall in love with him - the chemistry is just not there.

As for me, after all this time I am still feeling the same butterflies for the sweetest man in the world that RO and sgboy must be experiencing for their new loves......


Anonymous said...

i wish love is in the air for me too but it's not haha how sad... i wana be with 'teddy bear'

sgboy said...

Love indeed in the air....:-)