Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Home alone - last day

OS will be discharged from hospital tomorrow so my 9 days of being home alone are ending. In the car on the way to hospital tonight I was thinking that I have spend a substantial part of my life living alone: from my 18th (when I left my parents' house to go to University in another city) until my 34th I was the only one living in my various houses, with only a few short intermissions of (boy)friends moving in. I am seldom bored: give me a newspaper, a book, a TV, some music, a telephone and a computer with Internet access, and I am happy. If I feel that I need human contact I can always go out and meet a friend, or pick up the phone and call someone. So I was quite happy this last week being home alone, and will have to get used to someone in the house again!

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sgboy said...

We Chinese people will be celebrating Chinese New Year in a week and most of us now are busying with spring cleaning, clearing junk from our homes, maybe you should do the same?