Sunday, 3 January 2010

The unreliability of SMS

I sent quite a few SMS with good wishes for the New year on new years' eve, and got only one reply from my friends overseas, so either nobody loves me anymore or everybody changed their nr without informing me or people have stopped celebrating new year... MA came up with another explanation when he told me none of his SMS abroad had arrived (he checked via MSM / e-mail) so apparently SMS communication is not reliable around new year's day.
So all of you who have NOT received an SMS from me: Happy New Year 2010 and may at least some of your dreams come true.
I had quite a busy period: I continued working (somebody has to pick up the phone in the office), and had quite a hectic schedule in the evenings attending a live TV show (yes, I was on TV but I think only my mom watched...), a theatre play, went to the movies, JM visited and slept over, MT visited and slept over, I went to my mom and stepdad again, drove back in heavy snow and had a flat tyre, new years' eve with the gang at MA's place, so quite exhausted today and NOT going out tonight...

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