Monday, 20 July 2009

Marriage, bars and dances

The weekend was quite nice. It started with ED having a stop-over in Amsterdam (just like in December last year) and us having lunch on Friday. This time he was telling me that his parents are putting a lot of pressure on him to get married, and he might give in. "After all, I have been dating men for 15 years and never found real love, so why not try with a woman?" I asked him if he thought it would be easier with a woman and he said "no", but anyway he would consider having a wife, making some children and "leaving the house every other Saturday to fuck some guy." Oh well.
Friday I went to the recently re-opened, and renovated April Bar. I must say I very much like the new decor and it was amazing how many guys turned up all weekend to see the new bar. I ran into dozens of acquaintances that I hadn't seen for a long, long time. Around 2am we all went to Rouge, and when they closed at 3am GO put pressure on me to join him to Cockring. We had a nice conversation there, and I cycled home a happy man after 5am.
Saturday was the day of the annual Colombian / Latin party celebrating Colombia's independence day. Thousands of Colombians who live here gather every year, and wow, those Latinos know how to party. OS, as usual, was dancing non-stop and was extremely popular with the Latin women, and I also tried to dance to the Latin beats. One woman I danced with tried to teach me how to dance better: "just move your body as if you are fucking me". Hmmm.
Yesterday was the day that I said good-bye to BY, who had been staying in the house since early June. He is now an illegal immigrant struggling to get his paperwork in order, and I thought that hosting him for 6 weeks is enough. He has another friend where he can stay so I don't feel too bad about asking him to leave. In the evening, another round of catch-up with long forgotten people in April, a good Thai dinner in restaurant Bangkok, a night cap in Rouge with the gang, and home exhausted and ready for the new week.

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