Sunday, 22 February 2009

My trip to Papua New Guinea

I always like to visit new places even if only once, and never again..... It looks like we may have more work to do in Papua New Guinea (PNG) so there is a chance that I may have to go back. The country has everything going for it: beautiful unspoilt nature, great beaches with snorkeling and diving, exotic culture with many different cultures, good climate. The only downside is the security situation: it is virtually impossible to travel around safely. We met some Australians (PNG is basically (not officially, but in actual practice) an Australian colony) who don´t leave their house except to go to work or the social club. And almost everyone we talked to had had their car stolen or experienced other robberies. I just wouldn´t want to live in a place where I can´t leave my house whenever I want to and to go wherever I want to safely.
We did a trip to the start of the Kokoda trail and were accompanied by 3 armed policemen that the client had arranged.
Work was good, as I said the place is basically run by Ozzies and a few Kiwis so communication was easy and I can´t remember how often I heard `no worries mate`. Some of the locals are well educated but a large percentage of the population `still live in trees` as one of my colleagues commented.
The hotel was nice and the restaurant and the gym overlooked the runway of the Port Moresby airport and the mountains in the background.

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